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Chat with a Doctor, Pediatrician, Specialist or Women’s Healthcare Provider with no time limits attached and at no additional cost through a HIPPA compliant platform.

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Life saving tools and key solutions that keep your finances safe from unnecessary medical expenses. 


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A new approach to catastrophic healthcare that will save you a substancial amount of money on a monthly basis.

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Our team of healthcare professionals expand across the country and focus on providing the best solutions for each member based on their unique situation, not just health insurance. We have members in 48 states, our solutions cross state lines and have international access to healthcare.  

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Most insurance agents feel that their job is done when the sale is made, they turn the service over to the insurance company and force you to navigate the dynamics of healthcare. THAT is not how we operate! this is when our job actually begins, our focus is holding your hand every step of the way through your healthcare journey. No question is too small or too large, we will work on finding the best possible outcome at the lowest possible price for every healthcare need you have. Our MPB Concierge team is eager to assist you with our many resources and tools, striving to give every member the compassionate care that they deserve.

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“I live an active lifestyle and do my best to care for my body in a way that supports such a lifestyle. So, when I tore my PCL and required visits to specialists, imaging centers and rehab work I was terrified I was going to get the run around about why I wasn’t covered by the people/system I was paying to cover me. I’m sure you know that story all too well. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Even when I was learning the ins and outs of how this system works, from what to say when I entered the office to getting second opinions. As opposed to more traditional insurance systems, they were there every step of the way with clear and responsive advice. My experience could not have been better with MPB.Health ”
“”The overall difference in out of pocket cost, between MPB and traditional healthcare insurance, is mind boggling. In respect to a detached retina surgery, I had a in 2018, my total out of pocket was about $11,000 less than traditional insurance, between monthly membership in MPB and the $1000 IUA.” ”
“The best thing about the service has been my experience calling the Concierge Team. I’ve had to call multiple times, but I’ve always talked to the same 2 people, and they always answer right away… I don’t go through a whole automated system. Any issue I have is handled immediately and I don’t have to waste any time.”

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