Healthcare Advisors

Become a part of our MPB.Health team and start earning an income from home as an independent Healthcare Advisor. As a Professional Healthcare Advisor you will be assisting and providing individuals or businesses top of the line healthcare solutions developed to empower them and achieve the best health outcome.

How To Become A Healthcare Advisor

High school diploma or GED typically required. Click on the button below to access the MPB Advisor On-Boarding process. Please complete the MPB Advisor Agreement first, then proceed through the modules. Click on the Sedera tab to start and complete the Sedera Certification.


Once you complete the MPB Advisor Agreement, you will be contacted via email or phone by one of our MPB Healthcare Advisor Training Representatives.  The Training Representatives can help guide you through the On-Boarding process.  When your Sedera Certification is complete, the Training Representatives will confirm your appointment and set up one on one training sessions.

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