Simply knowing that exercise is good for you never fired up anyone to get off the couch.  But understanding more about the true benefits of exercise just might. 

Get your doctor’s okay for an exercise regimen but see whether these many reasons don’t spur more enthusiasm. 

Exercise can: 

1) make you happier generally and improve your mood quickly; 

2) help you achieve weight loss; 

3) increase your energy level and help eliminate that sluggish feeling; 

4) decrease your risk of chronic disease from diabetes, heart disease, cancer and hypertension and help alleviate symptoms, like pain; 

5) delay the appearance of aging skin on your body; 

6) improve your brain health, including memory; 

7) improve your sleep and benefit your sex life. 

4) Maintain a forward-looking mindset with enjoyable goals/activities/tasks planned for days or weeks in front of you. 

Each of these tactics helps build resilience you can count on when the going gets tough.