Frequently Asked Questions

Health Sharing Information

How Does Health Sharing Work?

Health Sharing, health insurance alternative, is a patient centered healthcare plan at affordable rates. 

What is an IUA?

Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA) is the members personal financial responsibility, before medical bills are able to be shared by the community. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Cost Sharing plans are not Insurance, therefore, are not acknowledged or utilized as is insurance.  Unlike insurance, each member of the medical cost sharing community contributes a monthly share amount, which is, then, shared by all members for small and large medical needs that arise.  Since all contributions are owned by the members, it is in their best interest to help each other minimize health care costs by seeking out highest quality services at fairest price for each medical need, thus maintaining low monthly share fees. 

A minimum of 3 employees are required for the Employer Group List Bill program.

Business with fewer than 3 employees are still eligible to participate through our individual billing platform. 


Eligible needs can be shared no matter where in the world they were incurred and treated if the itemized bill is in English and U.S. dollars.  


The enrollment deadline is the twentieth of the month for an effective membership start date of the first of the following month. 


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