Affordable health insurance alternatives

People are now worried about their future, especially the medical expenses that might come up at any given point. After all, traditional health insurance IS expensive.

So, what is traditional or conventional health insurance? You’ve heard about them – you buy the health insurance, pay the monthly premiums, and when you need to pay the hefty medical expenses, you get the required coverage.

While traditional health insurance offers many benefits, not everyone can afford them. But there are affordable health insurance alternatives you can sign up for! Here’s a post that unravels the same. So, keep reading to find out!

Medical Cost-Sharing Programs To The Rescue

Sharing medical costs can be a smart way to save money and cover medical bills. They are not like the usual health insurance plan. But yes, some part of it is similar.

For example, members must pay a monthly fee, like insurance premiums. But these insurance-like premiums are lower in value. A part of the cost is covered through this plan, so you don’t have to worry about medications, tests, and doctor fees. You also get discounts from hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare providers.

Since medical-cost sharing programs are usually faith-based, you must avoid smoking, drinking, or drugs. Speak to the members about what you must pay monthly and the benefits you can reap from it.

Get Association Health Plans (If You Are Eligible)

Association health plans can cover a group of individuals or small businesses. For example, you could be a writer, farmer, actor, musician, or self-employed – you can sign up for an industry-specific association health plan.

The groups get coverage for all the members, so a lot of saving is involved. They are not as regulated as health insurance plans, but they are still a form of insurance.

Health Discount Cards May Help

If you don’t want to sign up for traditional health insurance, health discount cards will come to the rescue. You get discounted rates on certain services offered by healthcare providers. But this is not insurance. You have to pay in cash. The providers that participate in this include physicians, hospitals, dentists, and chiropractors.

You may get discounts on medications, a test, and so on. You have to pay a monthly or annual fee too to avail of this membership. It’s helpful because sometimes you get a 70-80% discount. Now that’s significant, isn’t it?

Summing Up

Conventional health insurance plans are not affordable for everyone. If you have got the money, you can sign up for them. If not, you can opt for the alternatives.

The low-priced alternatives won’t cover serious health issues and treatments, but yes, you still get discounts and pay a lower price for tests, doctor visits, and so on.