International Healthcare Plans

We provide you with affordable, easy access to healthcare plans you can use internationally.

Great healthcare choice for Travelers

Most traditional health insurance plans are bound by state regulations; therefore, they do not provide you with protection from large medical expenses incurred out of state, especially overseas.

Become part of a medical cost sharing community where members voluntarily share in each other’s medical expenses

Our unique, revolutionary approach to paying for healthcare offers no network restrictions, allowing you to choose a doctor, facility, and hospital of your choice. If you experience a medical need and incur medical bills while traveling out of state or internationally, the medical cost-sharing community would be able to provide payment for your expenses.

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In addition to protection from large medical expenses, our international healthcare plan includes:

  • Telehealth: Offers unlimited access to a doctor. Members can connect with board-certified physicians specializing in primary care, behavioral health, woman’s health, as well as pediatrics.
  • Life Care: Provides access to mental health counselors specializing in mood disorders, such as anxiety, depression, codependency, addiction, and abuse. This unique platform also helps with legal resources, elder care, child care, community programs, and financial planning.
  • Rx Benefit Program: Allows our members to save money by obtaining their medications at affordable prices.
  • Concierge Support: Assists our members with information regarding their plan and research on highest quality, fairest priced services by providers, medical facilities, imaging centers, and labs.

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