Part of why we believe our medical cost sharing plans are the best alternative to health insurance has to do with our customer care and the continuous partnerships we create that keep evolving our product line for our members’ best interests. Today’s featured product for discussion is UBERDOC. Simply put, this new service gives you access to the highest qualified specialty doctors in either a virtual or live setting at fair pricing. Even though our live, concierge team navigates the entire ecosphere of our overall healthshare plans and helps assist clients in all ways possible including finding specialty doctors, UBERDOC is an automatic option to the live version of our specialty doctor-seeking service.  

Created by doctors, in the words of UBERDOC, “We became physicians to help patients get the care they need, be healthy, and live well. For many, the healthcare system has become an increasingly complex and frustrating barrier between doctor and patient that limits choice, causes delay, and costs us all more. UBERDOC was built by those on the front lines to re-establish an efficient and direct connection between doctor and patient—the way healthcare was meant to be.” 

Similar to our 365-day/ 24/ 7 access to our telehealth network and our mental health app that is included in your plan and will be debuting soon, UBERDOC gives our members exclusive appointments to virtually any specialty doctor you need. As you can read in the next blog, before visiting UBERDOC, your direct primary care physician, or any other doctor in person, we recommend our amazing telehealth service as the first line of defense because it is included in the price of all our plans.  

Our telehealth doctors help with acute care including respiratory infections, musculoskeletal and skin conditions, and allergies; chronic care which includes diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and wellness and prevention; and women’s health issues including birth control, irregular bleeding, wellness, and urinary tract infections. Since mental health is a major component of all of our health care plans, we offer two options for great mental health care: our telehealth and lifecare plan services, which include up to 12 in-person mental health, counseling sessions per year.  

UBERDOC is an ideal backup option if telehealth is not giving you all the care you need for your specific issue. It also gives you access to almost any type of specialty doctor including all the specialists listed below. To access UBERDOC and receive the convenience of a walk-in clinic with the expertise of a Board-certified specialist at priority access when you need it without having to make any phone calls or be put on hold and wait, go to then Member Portals and Member Portals again and scroll down. Even easier, simply click on 


Addiction Medicine 

Allergy & Immunology 

Bariatric Surgery 

Breast Surgery 


Colorectal Surgery 

Cosmetic Dentistry 

Cosmetic Dermatology 



Digestive Health 

Ear, Nose & Throat  



Family Medicine 


Foot and Ankle Surgery 


General Dentistry 

General Surgery 



Hand Surgery 

Hematology Oncology 

Infectious Disease 

Internal Medicine 

Interventional Radiology 


Medical Dermatology 

Mental Health 




Obesity Medicine 

Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBGYN) 

Occupational Medicine 



Oral Surgery 



Pain Management 


Pediatric Surgery 



Physical Medicine &  


Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 

Preventive Medicine 

Primary Care 





Regenerative Medicine 


Sleep Medicine 

Spine Surgery 

Sports Medicine 

Surgical Dermatology 

Thoracic Surgery 


Urologic Surgery 


Vascular Surgery 

Weight Loss Surgery 

In line with our beliefs on taking control of your health, with UBERDOC you receive the flexibility of a doctor of your choice because there are no insurance network or referral restrictions. Rather than co-pays, additional tests, and other surprise fees with your visit, the one-time cash, HSA, FSA, or credit card fee is listed on the site when you choose the doctor of your choice. To reserve an appointment, simply pay a deposit of $50 that is refundable, if you cancel before giving 24, hour notice. After the appointment finishes, you pay for the rest of the visit. Please contact the concierge team at (800) 519-2969with any further questions about UBERDOC or help with anything else.