A practical and effective solution, where a community of like minded individuals share each others medical costs.

Medical Cost Sharing


Our Medical Cost Sharing Partners


The Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Community provides a way for businesses and individuals to take control of their medical expenses and enjoy the support of a  like-minded community. 

Membership Guidelines for Families and Individuals

Zion Health

Zion Health, provides an organized way to share in one another’s medical burdens. Medical cost sharing is not a new concept but a proven and effective alternative to health insurance.

Membership Guidelines for Families and Individuals

Frequently Asked Questions

What is medical cost sharing?

Medical cost sharing is a viable, affordable, non-insurance solution for addressing the high costs of health care. Utilizing a community of like-minded, health conscious individuals, voluntarily participating to share in each other’s medical bills to reduce the cost of healthcare for everyone.

Is medical cost sharing the same as insurance?

No. Medical cost sharing promotes a healthy lifestyle. Contributions go to member’s helping pay for member’s health care costs not corporate profits.


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I had a liver ailment that required comprehensive evaluation including exhaustive bloodwork, an ultrasound and biopsy. In the end, there was nothing serious, but MPB covered all costs minus my IUA. Moreover, by using Second MD, my IUA was half what it would have been.

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