Share your medical costs when on a vacations or serving a mission outside the USA, with like minded individuals. No one is declined for prior medical conditions or religious beliefs. Medical needs are processed quickly for members, often within 5 business days. Members can work with any provider without network restrictions. This sharing program does not have annual or lifetime caps on your need requests.

Limit Financial Risk

For Small & Large Medical Expenses


For Emergency and Non-Emergency Care

A complete healthcare solution

Medical Cost Sharing

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Zion Health was created with the same principles of other proven medical cost sharing communities. Zion Health has re-imagined the HealthShare concept to make medical cost sharing more accessible, simplifying the process, and encouraging healthy living. If you have experienced or heard of medical cost sharing communities, we invite you to take a closer look at Zion Health. This re-imagined approach is sure to captivate you!

• Everyone is accepted
• Attentive to needs
• Work with any provider without network restrictions
• No annual caps
• Contribute directly with your employer or Direct Primary Care practice
• Worldwide


QR Life Code & Personal Medical Records Vault

24/7 Emergency Assistance with your personal life code, allowing medical professionals instant access. Members can access and safely share their medical records, track health conditions and get better healthcare solutions. The result is fewer medical errors, earlier treatment, lower costs for individuals.

Virtual Healthcare

Instant on demand “chat first” access with no time limits with a Doctor, Pediatrician, Specialty Care or Women’s healthcare provider you can trust, through a HIPAA compliant platform.

• Flexible communications
• Referrals to in-person care
• Pharmacy consults
• Scheduler for primary care appointments.


Prescription Drug Program

A virtual assistant that helps you choose the best place to get your prescription at the lowest possible price. You get to know the true cost! You shouldn’t overpay for a prescription just because you didn’t know it was cheaper at a pharmacy two miles away.

Empower Yourself

We want our members to feel in control of their health care, by giving them transparency, complete access and flexibility.

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More Benefits Than Ever Before!

Medical Cost Sharing

Zion Health provides a way to plan for unexpected mayor medical expenses by sharing together with a community. Its a framework for sharing to be made easy and effective. 

Virtual Primary Care Without Compromising Quality

24/7/365 Team of dedicated multi-specialty providers available. Chat first or escalate to phone or video depending on severity. If an in-person visit is required, our virtual care doctor will make recommendations for care. Users get the care they need when and where they need it with no hassles or delays.

A Better Way to Manage Prescriptions

You get access to any and all manufacturer savings programs, patient assistance programs and other savings and discounts offered by pharmaceutica manufacturers. Simply enter your prescription information into our seach engine and we’ll give you a list of your local pharmacies and the cost of your prescription at each location.

24/7 Emergency Assistance with your personal Life Code

Did you know that medical error is the #3 cause of death in the US? The Medical Record Vault provides you with secure emergency personal medical profiles and a 5-digit lifeCode ID that allows you to have access and safely share your medical records, track health conditions and get better healthcare solutions. The result is fewer medica errors, earlier treatment and lower costs.

MPB Concierge Team

A team of dedicated agents well-disposed and prepared to answer any inquiery and guide you every step of the way.

Low Rates & Best Quality

In-depth, meaningful interaction between a board certified and licensed doctor & patient, with top of the line monitoring technology


MPB Care empowers you through knowledge and understanding of medical costs and through direct, easy access to affordable, flexible, effective solutions that reduce your stress and anxiety when it comes to dealing with healthcare.

For Individuals

Whether you are health-oriented or live a busy hectic lifestyle, MPB Care gives you control and immediate access to healthcare solutions developed to save you time and money without sacrificing quality.

For Families

Having a family means meeting diverse healthcare needs. Get Access to a family medicine physician with the ability to manage patients of different ages with different concerns and conditions.

For Employers

Are you self-employed or need a way to incentivize your employees? MBP Care offers a new personalized healthcare experience and improved barrier-free access to care wherever and whenever needed.

Employer groups, sole proprietors, and independent Sub-Contractors

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