MPB Health is about helping people manage stress through healthy foundations.  Prioritizing the balance of mental and physical health enables people to feel happier and live longer. 

This article discusses MPB Health’s macro philosophy to ideal health care which we employ for our members.  Grasping the most efficient means to healthcare helps you understand how individual services like UBERDOC fit into our macro beliefs.  At the root of any philosophy in life is a value system based upon a set of standards that are rarely deviated from.  MPB’s principles are grounded in kindness, respect, and healthy living. We also believe in accountability, cooperation, and taking care of your interests.  

Negative societal systems, like addiction, attempt to control you or your family’s physical and mental growth in the following ways: processed foods and soda act as main food staples; medication gets used for every issue; ignorance is valued over education and courage; therapy turns into a lifetime crutch; health insurance controls replace one’s ability to make smarter wellness and overall healthcare decisions; and smoking, alcohol and overall poor lifestyle habits compromise the potential for a well-tuned immune system. 

The immune system which is made up of different organs, cells, and proteins that work together, protects your body from outside invaders such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and toxins. Improving your immune system also helps fight off virtually anything including the flu, measles, covid, and early death.  Regardless of political affiliation, vaccine beliefs, and likes and dislikes, most people would agree that it’s better to have a strong immune system.  Taking full control of your health and happiness is contingent on improving your immune system, prioritizing your mental and physical well-being, seeking clarity in all your relationships, and developing healthy lifestyle habits such as proper nutrition, exercise, rest, and clean air and water. 

Our affordable HEALTHCARE ESSENTIALS program covers the essential basics of healthcare by helping minimize the stress that causes physical or mental sickness.  Hence, it is the basis of all our healthcare plans.  Among other benefits, HEALTHCARE ESSENTIALS consists of 24/7, 365 days-a-year virtual, board-certified healthcare; your own electronic medical records vault and QR code; lifecare programs consisting of mental, financial, and elderly care assistance and overall continuity of care; discounts at holistic doctors, gyms, and wellness centers; our incredible, concierge service; and hospital and pharmacy assistance.  Depending on a person’s income, the HEALTHCARE ESSENTIALS program can eliminate much of one’s hospital expenses.    

Even though most healthy people with a strong immune system who practice quality lifestyle habits hardly go to the hospital, have little need for specialty doctors, and can take advantage of our least costly HEALTHCARE ESSENTIALS plan, additional healthcare security is still important to many.  Adding medical cost sharing (a.k.a. healthshare) to your overall healthcare plan gives members additional protection such as the following: medical assistance when outside the country, the lowest maternity costs in the industry, and zero out-of-pocket expenses for any medical need after fulfillment of your IUA (Initial Unshareable Amount).  

MPB Healthcare plans are a much more comprehensive, affordable, alternative to health insurance where company shareholders must also profit. In addition, MPB members have more freedom, such as no network restrictions, and their money is allocated for medical needs only.  For those wanting even more personalized healthcare without the high cost of insurance, we recommend Direct Primary Care (DPC).  This type of membership allows you to visit your physician as often as you want.  DPC physicians provide primary care for chronic and acute illness, injury, and preventive care, and, often, they offer other unique modalities.  They also coordinate care with specialty providers.   

We now have an all-inclusive care DPC plan option, OUR PRIMARY DOC, in which members pay one fee that includes the DCP provider of their choice for primary and preventative care, as well as all the benefits of medical cost sharing.  As part of this service, your DPC of choice works with specialty providers, at the lowest rates, in their local area.  Additionally, for specialty providers, we always have our Concierge consultants who seek out the lowest priced/ highest quality specialty provider rates.  Members also have the option to use our latest service, UBERDOC.    

To learn more about UBERDOC, please read the first blog.  For any questions about OUR PRIMARY DOC and our ideal approach to healthcare, please reach out to our Concierge team at 1-800-519-2969.