Ideal for those without coverage or as an add-on to provide improved Access and Continuity to another healthcare plan.

No matter how hectic your schedule is, our MPB Care Solution allows you to take control of your health by integrating key solutions that will empower you to make the most informed decisions regarding your health, at the lowest possible cost, without sacrificing quality of care.


Instant on demand “chat first” access with no time limits with a Doctor, Pediatrician, Specialty Care or Women’s healthcare provider you can trust, through a HIPAA compliant platform.

• Flexible communications
• Referrals to in-person care
• Pharmacy consults
• Scheduler for primary care appointments.


QR LifeCode & Personal Medical Records Vault

Did you know that medical error is the #3 cause of death in the US? The Medical Record Vault provides you with secure emergency personal medical profiles and a 5-digit Life Code ID that allows you to have access and safely share your medical records, track health conditions and get better healthcare solutions. The result is fewer medical errors, earlier treatment and lower costs.

Navigation Help

Our concierge team will help you navigate health care and receive the best care possible.

Pharmacy Benefit Plan

HIPAA Compliant International & multi-platform support. Our program searches six U.S. platforms, the World Drug Market and Pharmacy Assistance programs for the best solution for each of our members.


Only $25 setup fee!

Member Only

$29.00 / a month

Member + Spouse

$39.00 / a month

Member + Child

$39.00 / a month

Member + Family

$49.00 / a month

Hours a day

days a week

days a year


Ongoing interactions (via text, phone, video) to monitor patient’s health and address follow up questions.

What We Offer

We want our members to feel in control of their health care, by giving them transparency. 

Virtual Primary Care Without Compromising Quality

24/7/365 Team of dedicated multi-specialty providers available. Chat first or escalate to phone or video depending on severity. If an in-person visit is required, our virtual care doctor will make recommendations for care. Users get the care they need when and where they need it with no hassles or delays.

A Better Way to Manage Prescriptions

You get access to any and all manufacturer savings programs, patient assistance programs and other savings and discounts offered by pharmaceutical manufacturers.  We will give you a list of your local pharmacies and the cost of your prescription at each location.

Low Rates & Top Quality

 In-depth, meaninful interaction between a board certified and licensed doctor & patient, with top of the line monitoring technology.


MPB Care empowers you through knowledge and understanding of medical costs and through direct, easy access to affordable, flexible, effective solutions that reduce your stress and anxiety when it comes to dealing with healthcare.

For Individuals

Whether you are health-oriented or live a busy hectic lifestyle, MPB Care gives you control and immediate access to healthcare solutions developed to save you time and money without sacrificing quality.

For Families

Having a family means meeting diverse healthcare needs. Get Access to a family medicine physician with the ability to manage patients of different ages with different concerns and conditions.

For Employers

Are you self-employed or need a way to incentivize your employees? MBP Care offers a new personalized healthcare experience and improved barrier-free access to care wherever and whenever needed.

Put You & Your Family in Good Hands

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 How can we help you? Do you have a question about what we do? Message us, we would be happy to hear from you. Protect your finances and take control of your health care today before you find yourself in a tight spot!

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