Monthly Comparison of Membership Fee VS Your Existing Premium
Your Current Monthly Medical Premium: $ x12 = $ per year
Your Benefits monthly fee: $ x12 = $ per year
Savings per Month with Benefits: $ x12 = $ per year
Monthly Percent Savings: % %
Your Empowering Benefits Monthly Fee
Plan Type: IUA:
Plan Status: Age Group:
Estimated Pricing for You $ Benefits IUA Over 12 Months VS Your Annual Deductible
Your Current Annual Deductible: $
Your Chosen MPB IUA Level is: $ x's 3(WORST CASE) = $
Savings Comparison per Year Difference "WORST CASE": $ per year
Annual Percent Savings "WORST CASE": % per year
Our plans have a one-time implementation fee of $100 and a membership fee of $25 per year.
Analysis does not include expected # of cash-pay office visits incurred outside of Telehealth & MEC coverage. A conservative approach would be to estimate this and add into analysis above.