Affordable health insurance alternatives

Let’s face it: health insurance is very expensive. Many people go without it simply because they can’t afford the monthly premiums. Not everyone does a fancy job – and not everyone has a PERMANENT job. You may not have the money to pay a fixed premium as you can barely cover the daily expenses.

Having said that, health insurance is still important because medical emergencies require a lot of money. What if there is a sudden accident or an illness? You should have funds for the operation/surgery/treatment.

If you can’t afford traditional health insurance, it’s time to look for affordable health insurance alternatives. Here’s a quick post that unravels the affordable health insurance alternatives just for you. Take a quick look!

Cost-Sharing Plans are Useful

Cost-sharing plans are very useful. It’s when people get together and pool their health share costs. This results in lower payments every month.

You pay a membership fee (annual or monthly). The organization covers medical expenses whenever you visit a doctor or a hospital. Cost-sharing groups usually partner with hospitals and doctors to negotiate the best rate.

Traditional health insurance premiums are pricey but not cost-sharing plan premiums. They are usually much more affordable.

The group members also endorsed the idea of staying healthy and fit so that the chances of getting an illness become low.

Medical cost-sharing plans are best for those generally in the pink of their health and who cannot afford traditional health insurance plans. Catastrophic coverage is always needed in tough times, so we recommend you opt for medical cost-sharing plans.

Health Discount Cards To The Rescue

Besides cost-sharing plans, you can also think of getting health discount cards.

Some clinics and hospitals accept these discount cards. Getting a 50% discount on treatments/tests/other medical services can be fruitful.

This way, you don’t have to pay the full cost of the test or treatment.

A small fee must be paid for these health discount cards, so you make sure you understand the benefits of using them before purchasing them.

Concluding Thoughts

Health insurance is indeed an expensive investment, but that puts an individual through tremendous stress and anxiety.

What if you and your family meet with an accident or need medical emergency funds at some point? This is when health insurance alternatives will be useful.

You can opt for medical cost-sharing plans as they are member-based, and the premiums are affordable too.

See some plans and speak with the members to see how that works for you.