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Navigating the complex world of healthcare can be difficult. MPB.Health makes it easy. Get access to Virtual Healthcare, Medical Cost Sharing, Life & Health Insurance and other cost saving solutions all in one place.

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Bundling is the best way to save. You get more benefits at a lower cost, by combining our key solutions that will save you thousands of dollars a year.

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My wife and I welcomed a baby boy last year. We kept my wife on her insurance and didn’t realize there is a separate deductible for the baby when he was born. We were quite surprised to receive a large bill for his hospital expenses. Sedera came through and paid the balance after our contribution and a small contribution from my wife’s other insurance. It was a lifesaver!

“I had a liver ailment that required comprehensive evaluation including exhaustive bloodwork, an ultrasound and biopsy. In the end, there was nothing serious, but MPB covered all costs minus my IUA. Moreover, by using Second MD, my IUA was half what it would have been. .”

“My wife and I received our new insurance premium renewal. The premium was being increased from $2,100 per month to $2,800 per month. This is almost twice our mortgage. With five children, I had to make a change. I contacted MPB and they rose to the occasion and saved me a significant amount of money. We are Sedera satisfied.”

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