Exclusive access to a high-quality telehealth care experience

Get the care and advice you need in just minutes!  Our telehealth service allows you to reach a board-certified physician, 24/7/365.

Use Telehealth when you…

Feel sick but it’s not an emergency 

Have a minor injury

Have general medical questions or simply want some peace of mind

Need a routine prescription refill

(Controlled substances, non-therapeutic and certain drugs may not be available)

If you are not sure where to go to obtain care 

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A text-first  Telehealth Insurance Coverage Platform

You can connect to a physician in seconds through our secure, HIPPA-compliant platform to address any health-related conditions or concerns.  You can also escalate your messaging to a call or a video chat and send photos if needed.

Our telehealth options allow you to connect to a Primary Care Physician,
Behavioral Health Specialist, Women’s Healthcare Doctors, and Pediatricians. 

Continuity of care between your telehealth provider and your doctor doesn’t end until you are reassured with the guidance you need. Unlike Telemedicine, which is “Event Specific”, our MPB Telehealth insurance coverage solution will help in the ongoing management of existing medical conditions through case management and care logistics.





Board-certified Providers • Secure • Cost-effective  Convenient • Fast

Start a virtual visit in less than 1 minute by using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop

Don’t like talking to machines? Have a person-to-person conversation with one of our Healthcare Advisors and share your needs. We’d love to hear from you!

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