With health insurance becoming burdensome on your budget and skyrocketing healthcare costs, people are turning towards affordable medical care plans to keep them financially protected during emergencies. If you are also tired of the traditional medical care and are looking for more affordable methods to increase health care protection for yourself and your family, medical health share plans might just be the one for you.

What are Health Share Plans?

Medical health share plans or health share ministries are cooperatives, often faith-based, with members agreeing to help each other with their medical expenses. They are expected to contribute a monthly “sharing” amount that is deposited in an escrow account. When a medical need of a member arises, and they qualify for sharing amount, funds are withdrawn from this account to pay for the medical bills of the member in need. The provider decides the eligibility conditions, and the members are expected to adhere to certain guidelines to retain their membership. They are NOT health insurances though they might appear to be similar. These do not have to comply with ACA guidelines and are not as strictly scrutinized by federal agencies.

Why Should You Choose Health Share Plans?

There are several benefits to participating in health share plans-

The monthly contribution amounts are much lower than insurance premiums. Thus, they are cheaper than traditional health insurance.

These services are tailored to your needs. They offer a wide range of options to choose from that suit your needs and budget.

Members have the freedom to share costs with like-minded people and fellow believers. The services are exclusive for a tight group of members.

Medical cost-sharing programs generally do not limit their members from choosing doctors and specialists. However, network restrictions may be implemented.

Who Should Choose Health Share Plans?

Health share plans might look tempting, but they may not be meant for everyone. It is more suitable for a certain section of people such as –

People who maintain good health and do not have a complex medical history.

Those who live a healthy lifestyle and avoid excessive indulgence in smoking and drinking or other dangerous activities

Those who cannot afford health insurance and are looking for cheaper alternatives

Those who earn enough to fall out of FPL and thus not eligible for subsidies under ACA

Those who do not have employee benefits, self-employed and freelancers

Families of those whose employer does not extend health care benefits to the family.

Those who run a family business or non-profit organization and want to extend health insurance benefits to their employees at an affordable cost

How to Join Health Share Plans?

If you are ready to enjoy your freedom of choosing the best health share plans available in the market, we are here to help you. Our program offers several facilities to our members so that they face no problems with their health and well-being. Our comprehensive plans provide protection to our members from unfathomable medical costs. Call us today to discover the benefits on offer.