Each Member of Zion Health must comply with the following requirements in order to preserve its membership in Zion Health and be eligible to participate in the sharing program. The requirements below benefit all Members by assuring honor and integrity on the part of Members and by minimizing medical risks and ensuring proper accountability while encouraging good health practices. All Zion Health Members must agree with and attest to the following statements:

 1. I believe that a community of moral, ethical and health-conscious people can most efficiently and effectively encourage and care for one another by directly sharing the costs and expenses associated with each other’s health care needs. I also acknowledge that Zion Health has declared an affiliation with, and faith in, a higher power and welcomes members of ALL faiths.

2. I understand that Zion Health is a Benevolence Organization, not an insurance entity, and that while Zion Health assures that every effort will be made to have Members fulfill their monthly sharing commitment, Zion Health, in and of itself, cannot guarantee payment of any medical expenses. I agree to practice good health measures and strive for a balanced lifestyle.


3. I agree to refrain from the usage of any form of illicit/illegal drugs and excessive alcohol consumption, all of which are harmful to the body. Tobacco consumers have an increased share of $50 monthly per household.

4. I believe I am obligated to care for my family and that physical, mental or emotional abuse of any kind to a family Member or anyone else is morally wrong.

5. I agree to submit to mediation followed by subsequent binding arbitration, if needed, for any instance of a dispute with Zion Health or its affiliates.

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