Upgrading your health care plan to go beyond affordability!

We provide comprehensive, high-quality health care sharing plans for groups, individuals, and families to manage every health care need and provide protection from unexpected high medical expenses. This cost-effective alternative to health insurance grants you more freedom and control over the way you wish to receive care.

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We empower and promote healthy living and lifestyle choices


Medical expenses incurred outside the United States are shareable within the community

Avoid Surprise Medical Bills

With healthcare quality-cost search assistance

Comprehensive Care

Get a full range of services that meets most members’ physical, emotional and mental healthcare needs


We don’t impose any network restrictions on our members


We never lose sight of the human behind the need for better healthcare

Affordable Healthcare Plans Available

We provide expert healthcare advise, as well as a broad range of services to assist you in managing your healthcare more effectively

Care+: For Individuals

Join a community of like-minded individuals and lower the cost of care. Get more transparency from your health care membership, more freedom of choice and control.

Secure: For One-Person Business

For self-employed individuals with verifiable 1099 or business ID, in order to avoid tax penalties, provide all ACA Preventive Care and allows access to a Health Savings Account.

Direct: For Direct Primary Care Members

If you are a current member of a Direct Primary Care Practice, you can compliment it with our Direct plan to manage large medical expenses.

Plan Includes:

Additional Features:

  • Pharmacy Benefit Program
  • Personal Medical Records Vault
  • QR Life Code
  • Whole Health Living: Alternative Medicine & Healthcare Discounts




For Direct Primary Care Members

Plan Includes:

Additional Features:

  • Pharmacy Benefit Program
  • Personal Medical Records Vault
  • QR Life Code
  • Whole Health Living: Alternative Medicine & Healthcare Discounts




For One-Person Business

Plan Includes:

  • Minimum Essential Coverage Plan
  • Medical Cost Sharing: Protection for Large Medical Expenses
  • Telehealth: Virtual Healthcare
  • Life Care (EAP/MAP)
  • Concierge Support: Membership Navigation Assistance
  • Cost & Quality Search Assistance
  • Care Connect: Negotiation for large Medical Needs

Additional Features:

  • Pharmacy Benefit Program
  • Personal Medical Records Vault
  • QR Life Code
  • Whole Health Living: Alternative Medicine & Healthcare Discounts



Our Alternative to Health Insurance Includes More Benefits to Satisfy All Your Health Care Needs

Medical Cost Sharing

Our affordable healthcare plans are an excellent solution to protect against unexpected high medical costs. It’s a freedom-focused, community-driven alternative with no annual or lifetime caps on sharing, where no one is declined based on religious beliefs.


Our virtual healthcare platform is an effective preventative solution to access a certified primary care doctor, pediatrician, mental health specialist, or women’s healthcare provider with no time limits at no additional cost 24/7/365 days a year.

Life Care

24/7/365 days a year access to virtual and live counseling for help with all of life’s challenges, including stress, anxiety, depression, relationship struggles, addiction, including employee assistance program. Access up to 12 in-person sessions per member/per year.

Concierge Support

Our Concierge is a dedicated team that provides personalized guidance through all of your healthcare needs, as well as cost & quality search assistance for providers, labs, medication for best outcomes at the fairest price.

Pharmacy Benefit Plan

HIPAA-Compliant International & multi-platform support. Our program searches a variety of U.S. platforms, the World Drug Market and Pharmacy Assistance programs for the best price & solution for each of our members.

Personal Medical Records Vault & QR Life code

Provides members with secure emergency personal medical profiles & LifeCode IDs. Members can access & safely share their medical records and track health conditions to get better healthcare outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quickly find out if we’ve already addressed your query.

Who are these plans primarily intended for?

MPB.Health plans are intended for health-minded individuals who are interested in having more control in managing and maintaing their health care.

How do cost sharing plans compare to traditional health insurance?

Medical Cost Sharing plans are not Insurance, therefore, are not acknowledged or utilized as is insurance.  Unlike insurance, each member of the medical cost sharing community contributes funding which is, then, shared by all members for large medical needs that arise.  Since all funding is owned by the members, it is in their best interest to help each other minimize health care costs by seeking out highest quality services at fairest price for each medical need, thus maintaining low monthly share fees.    

What would be the effective date for my membership?

The enrollment deadline is the twentieth of the month for an effective membership start date of the first of the following month. 

How many employees are required for group health?

A minimum of 3 employees are required for the Employer Group List Bill program. 

Will my healthcare membership protect me while traveling outside the U.S.?

Eligible needs can be shared no matter where in the world they were incurred and treated if the itemized bill is in English and U.S. dollars.  

What is so special about MPB.Health's plan options?

MPB.Health is the only non-insurance-based, low-cost health care solution available today offering a variety of health plan options that include a full array of services to manage all your health care needs, such as: 



Medical Cost Sharing 

Member Assistance Program for Mental Health and Life/Work Assistance 

Whole Health Living Choices 

Cost & Quality Search for procedures costing $5,000+ 

MPB Concierge Services 

Client Testimonials

”The overall difference in out of pocket cost, between MPB and traditional healthcare insurance, is mind boggling.”

Liam Smith

When I had a need, I called to find out the steps. The one who helped me was patient and full of information. They were very helpfull and supportive.

Michele V., Phoenix AZ

I had a liver ailment that required comprehensive evaluation . In the end, there was nothing serious, but MPB covered all costs minus my IUA. 

Phil M., Pennsylvania

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