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MPB.Health is proud to offer affordable health insurance alternatives when coverage through traditional health insurance plans are not an option. Our members enjoy the freedom and flexibility to choose their own providers, treatment facilities, and hospitals with no network restrictions for an affordable monthly fee.  



Unlike traditional health insurance

our healthsharing plans provide protection from large medical expenses nationwide and anywhere in the world.


Freedom and Health

are more important than ever! We don’t impose any network restrictions on our members, giving you the power to choose any provider with the expertise that meets your health needs.


MPB.Health healthsharing plans also include a pharmacy benefit program

allowing members to save money by obtaining their medications at affordable prices. Our dedicated onsite concierge team is here to assist our members with information and research on highest quality, fairest priced services by providers, medical facilites, imaging centers and labs.

Become a part of our medical cost sharing community

Through MPB.Health, health-focused individuals voluntarily share in each other’s medical expenses. Medical cost sharing plans have become one of the options for affordable health insurance alternatives as members participate in a healthy lifestyle and are actively involved in their healthcare choices, thus, allowing for lower monthly costs and improved clinical outcomes.  In addition to medical cost sharing, our affordable health insurance alternatives come with unlimited access to telehealth services that provide continuity of care.


Our members are able to reach a board-certified physicians specializing in acute, chronic, preventative, pediatric, behavioral, and woman’s health care within 60 seconds. Furthermore, our LifeCare program provides access to mental health counselors specializing in mood disorders, such as anxiety, depression, co-dependency, addiction and abuse. This unique platform also offers assistance with legal resources, elder care, child care, community programs and financial planning.  


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Join millions of participating Americans in a contemporary healthcare solution

We promote overall wellbeing and improve our members’ quality of life!

Client Testimonials

Kelly Ann has been working with us for the past 3 years. We couldn’t ask for a better person to work with. She has walked us through any questions that we might have. As an added bonus, she does this with kindness!

Alexandrina Norberto

My calls are always answered promptly and any questions answered. I love that healthcare help is just a phone call away. It is wonderful to hear a friendly voice when help is needed.”

Kim McMurtry

I’m so thankful that this is something I can afford. And that it’s an alternative to Affordable Healthcare. I’m glad I’ll be able to at least talk with a physician 24/7 instead of waiting 2 months to see my physician in office.

Linda Bergstrom

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