A Comprehensive Group Health Plan

Our innovative health care benefit model equips your small business with a cost- effective solution that provides protection, control and barrier-free access to high- quality health care.

 MPB.Health offers a comprehensive group health plan, an affordable alternative to health insurance, through medical cost sharing and much more! 

Our all-inclusive health plan includes:

  • Medical cost sharing for protection from large medical expenses. 
  • Telehealth services that allow you to communicate with a board-certified physician in minutes 
  • Mental health counseling and assistance with life & work challenges 
  • Preventive care and unlimited primary care with no office fees 
  • Pharmacy benefits plan  
    • Protection from medical expenses incurred overseas and all throughout the United States 
    • Personalized concierge support and assistance 
    • Additional features include: dental, vision, and health savings accounts 
    • Healthcare discounts on alternative medical services (or Integrative Medicine, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy, as well as yoga, Pilates, gym memberships and more!  

    Employers have the option to determine their contribution amount, if any at all,

    on a post-tax basis

    Most traditional group health insurance plans offer a “one size fits all” option, without considering your budget or the diversity of your employee group and their unique needs. We provide a variety of custom solutions to businesses of any size. Our options eliminate the burden of high-cost premiums, allowing your employees the flexibility to choose for themselves and their families.  

    Reduces the number of employee sick days

    Allows you to hire and keep highly valued team members

    Encourages productivity

    Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA)

    In addition to group health plans, MPB.Health offers ICHRA. Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) is an employer-funded, tax-advantaged health reimbursement arrangement. The employer sets aside a chosen amount of pre-tax dollars for their employees to pay for medical expenses. Moreover, ICHRA has no size restrictions and can be implemented with small businesses and large corporations. The employer can customize reimbursements with each class of employees, as well as have the freedom to choose what type of medical expenses are eligible for reimbursement.  

    Employees have an option to access Medical Cost Sharing memberships, with no network restrictions; or they can access over 30 available individual health insurance plans, as well as Medicare. Some employees may qualify for a subsidy on the ACA Marketplace, therefore, may choose to waive the ICHRA plan. However, small businesses who are not subject to the Employer Mandate have an option to meet the ICHRA “affordability” criteria. ICHRA offers an open enrolment period, allowing employers to set up a plan solution at any time of the year. 

    Call and speak to one of our healthcare advisors to find out more about our group health plans  and which plans would be the best choice for you, your employees and your organization. 

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