Health Care Community Plan

Join a health-minded community that provides comprehensive health care solutions that help you manage your health and  protects you when you need it most.



Care focused on members and the community they belong to, that will help them get and stay healthy.


Open-network plans that grants members the ability to choose any doctor or hospital. No more limitations on your choice of healthcare providers!


Maintain a healthy lifestyle with a wide range of services not covered by traditional health insurance. Get access to practitioners, lifestyle products, 24/7 telehealth and other resources to stay healthy. 


Manage your health care on your own, with the support of our Concierge Team you will get the support you need throughout your health care journey.


Unique plans specially designed to fit and understand people’s needs. We focus continuously on enhancing the quality of services provided, ensuring our members get the best, affordable health care they require.


Necessary protection for unexpected medical emergencies or illnesses that can affect your finances and potentially cause bankruptcy.


Encouraging our members to develop the independent thinkers in them, providing knowledge and access to information that can help them make better decisions regarding their health care.


Timely access to health care with 24/7/365 effortless virtual primary care. We believe health care should be convenient and provided as soon as possible; to avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office or costly emergency room visits.


You are the most important person to us in this health care community. When you decide to make better quality choices regarding maintaining your health, you become more independent and confident to own your health care decisions instead of strangers.

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Client Testimonials

”The overall difference in out of pocket cost, between MPB and traditional healthcare insurance, is mind boggling.”

Liam Smith

When I had a need, I called to find out the steps. The one who helped me was patient and full of information. They were very helpfull and supportive.

Michele V., Phoenix AZ

I had a liver ailment that required comprehensive evaluation . In the end, there was nothing serious, but MPB covered all costs minus my IUA. 

Phil M., Pennsylvania

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