Choosing the best plan for your pregnancy

MPB.Health offers one of the best medical plans designed specifically to minimize your financial exposure and allow you to focus on your health, the health, and development of your baby, as well as your family.  

Unlike traditional health insurance, health share plans utilize an Initial Unshareable Amount, or the IUA. The IUA is the personal financial responsibility that the member must meet before the medical bills are subject to sharing by the community. MPB.Health offers three tiers of the IUA: $1,000, $2,500 or $5,000 in addition to your monthly contribution.  

In the event of a medical need, such as pregnancy, you have the freedom to choose your own facility and your own OBGYN.


Once you meet your chosen Initial Unshareable Amount, the remainder of the medical bills, including facility fees, labor and delivery are shareable by the medical cost sharing community.

For example: your monthly contribution is set at $215.00 with a $1000,00 IUA. Once you become pregnant, receive prenatal care for 9 months, have a standard delivery, and postnatal care, deliver your baby without further complications and receive several medication prescribed by the doctor. All these services would be considered as associated with one medical need. As a member of MPB.Health, you would only be responsible to pay your Initial Unshareable Amount. 

Pre & Postnatal Care
Ultrasound & Labs
Shared with Community


Total Member Cost


Based on your personal financial situation, whether or not your job provides you with traditional health insurance, and if so, your deductible and out of pocket max, choosing a health share plan with MPB.Health may prove to be the most feasible and affordable option. To find out more fill out a quote request or speak to one of our trusted healthcare advisors.  

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