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Sign forms, change your payment method and information, view history and much more.
Access telehealth, mental health and life care, concierge assistance, cost and quality search assistance.


As a Member, you may access our primary, pediatric, women’s health, and behavioral health board-certified physicians on your own time, whenever and wherever.

Through a convenient web and mobile experience, you are free to text directly with our providers to get the answers you need, including access to additional support. This solution will be accessible via secure text (with image share, phone, and video available) 24/7 365 days a year in all 50 states.
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Large Medical Needs

For large medical needs, we encourage our members to connect with our concierge team for personalized guidance to submit a need to the appropriate medical cost sharing community.
For Secure members only

Preventive Care

To find in network providers for your wellness visit, mammograms, colonoscopies, and immunizations. ***Click on the access link below, and choose Multi Plan and Specific Services prior to searching for a provider.

To see all the services covered, please click here.

Nurse examining X-ray report

To download your Preventive Services ID cards or your tax forms, log into your Planstin Member Portal. 

If you need to speak to a licensed mental health counselor or experience a situation where you simply need advice, connect through our Life Care portal 24/7/365!

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Mental Health Resources

Members are also encouraged to download 4 FREE apps to help in your everyday mental health needs.
MPB.Health Concierge

RX and Lab Resources

Contact MPB.Health Concierge, or download our app to access exclusive resources and savings.

Custom Quote

Additional option, our Concierge team searches a minimum of 6 platforms, including our international resources, to find the best price for your prescriptions. 

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Search for the best provider & facility.

Medical Records Vault

Store your medical records in one place.

Supplements and Wellness

25% OFF supplements & wellness products. 

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