Speak to a board-certified physician on demand to address your immediate, health concerns 24/7/365. Every encounter begins with your physical and mental health assessment, with an option to be referred to a behavioral health specialist to address depression and anxiety symptoms.  

large medical needs

For large medical needs, we encourage our members to connect with our concierge team for personalized guidance or submit a need to the appropriate medical cost sharing community. 

Member Assitance Program (MAP)

Mental Health & LifeCare

If you need to speak to a licensed mental health counselor or experience a situation where you simply need advice, connect through our Life Care portal 24/7/365!  
As a member, you also receive unlimited access and utilization of our four unique mental health apps to assist you and your therapist in personal growth, depression and anxiety, substance abuse, and sexual compulsivity.  

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When you require assistance with medication, we offer a variety of options to best suit your individual needs. Purchase an additional RX membership to receive free medications, search for coupons, or contact your trusted concierge to obtain even greater discounts.  

Additional Resources

To obtain discounts on alternative medicine treatments such as chiropractic care, or if you want discounts on massages and gym memberships, simply log into your Whole Health living portal.  

For additional resources such as specialists search, your medical records vault, health savings account, preventative services, and personal account management follow the appropriate prompts or connect with our concierge team to learn more!  


Access the largest complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) network and receive discounts on acupuncture, chiropractic, natural healing, physician, and occupational therapy. Many services are also FSA and HSA compatible. Dental and Vision discounts are also available.





Store all of your medical records in one place with a fully HIPPA compliant platform. Create a personalized QR code for emergency personal to immediately obtain all of your personal information so your health becomes their only focus.  




Store all of your medical records in one place with a fully HIPPA-compliant platform. Create a personalized QR code for emergency personnel to immediately obtain all of your personal information so your health becomes their only focus.  




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